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How VOLC expanded its Dealer Network online

VOLC had been facing challenges in expanding its dealer network due to  limited brand awareness, a small distribution network, and limited financial resources.

Mockup of client work done for VOLC by Pixel Ideas (Best Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow)


Lucknow, India

Company Size

200+ employees



About the Company

VOLC is an initiative towards providing clean, green, and economical modes of transport for the masses as well as unmatched post-sales services to its customers. With its foray into the multi-brand and multi-category range of EVs under a single institution, VOLC is committed to becoming a symbol of reliability in the Electric Vehicle space.

The Challenge

As a new automobile company, VOLC faced several challenges in creating a dealer network that included building trust, reaching out to people who could invest, had prior experience in the Automobile Industry, and could provide infrastructure for the new outlets.

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How Pixel Ideas Helped

To overcome these challenges, Pixel Ideas created a comprehensive plan for reaching out to the target people through online ads by diverting traffic and generating leads through the website.

This helped in creating brand awareness and also attracted qualified people to become dealers, establishing a distribution network, and creating the necessary infrastructure. 

The Results

The new website proved to be a game-changer for VOLC. Within just a few months of launching the website, they saw a significant increase in the number of applications from prospective dealers. The website had made it easier for potential dealers to learn about the company and its products, as well as to apply to become a part of the dealer network.

VOLC developed nearly 62% of its dealer network through the leads generated from the website within a year of launching it.

The new dealerships were located in areas where there was high demand for electric vehicles, and that helped to increase VOLC’s market share and revenue.

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