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The Impact of Apple’s iOS 14 on Digital Marketing

To understand how a phone update will impact your Social Media Marketing, you first need to understand that how targeted ads work. Every moment you are connected to the internet, browsing the web, scrolling through your applications, most of that data is captured and used by advertisers.

Now about the update, what the iOS 14 update brings to the table is that users can decide in an app will be allowed to track consumers activity through a privacy prompt shown to all users after the update.

This limitation on activity-tracking will directly affect your ad campaigns targeting and optimization. It will majorly affect social media giants like Facebook who majorly rely on user activity to provide advertisers with results.

Apple has always been very keen on customer privacy, and with increasing concerns about online privacy, many people are attracted to this privacy feature. As a result, Facebook marketing experts are foreseeing an up to 60 percent decrease in conversions from ads for small businesses.

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“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”
– Amrita Sahasrabudhe

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Facebook marketing has taken a huge hit because of this update – along with most businesses benefiting from Facebook marketing services. Facebook is used primarily on mobile, and with iOS users making up around 60%, the iOS 14 update significantly has impacted the targeted advertising on Facebook.

Even though the major hit is taken by Facebook, the impact is similar for the apps engaged in mobile advertising. Top ways update will impact your social media campaign:

1. Few Data Points on iOS 14 Users
More and more users will be given a convenient way to opt-out from sharing their data, the amount of information an advertiser can gather on iOS 14 users will decrease.

2. Conversions
Facebook marketing services rely on app tracking to follow customer activity to the point they take your desired action and convert. Most conversions happen off Facebook, such as on a third-party eCommerce site or landing page, so more opt-outs mean less visibility into your ad campaigns optimized for conversion and catalog sales.

Most of the lead conversions do not take place on Facebook, they are mostly done on a third-party eCommerce site or a landing page, so the more people that opt-out from sharing their data the less there will be visibility into your ad campaigns optimized for conversions and catalog sales.

But not to worry, conversions can still be tracked, every marketer has to adapt and change the priority of their converting action. Facebook will only be able to track some event’s rank.

3. Limited Optimisation
After the update, Facebook will lose some of its ability to optimize your ads, as it relies on conversion data. This limited ability will lead to a smaller retargeting pool. This is where social media agencies will have to evaluate and optimize the target audience consistently.

4. Campaign Reporting
Facebook would not be able to report the conversion if your target audience did not take a converting action within seven days. This will affect businesses with multiple touchpoints and sales processes historically longer than seven days from the ad click. Every social media marketing company should expect a delay in Facebook reporting of up to three days.

Facebook will lose track of the audience that did not take a converting action within seven days. This will affect businesses with a longer sales process than seven days after a user clicks the ad. Every marketeer should expect a delay of around 3 days in Facebook reporting.

What’s Next?
A great man once said “Adapt. React. Readapt. Apt” – Michael Scott”, this is the strategy that every social media agency out there should consider. Agencies will have to learn from the Apple advertising limitation and adapt their social media marketing Facebook strategies.


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