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Social Media for Beginners

Social media marketing is the practice of using various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to connect with customers and lead them to your product or service. 

It’s an effective way for companies of all sizes to reach out to prospects and customers. Your audience is already interacting with brands on social platforms and if you’re not engaging directly with them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’re definitely missing out!

There are 4.33 billion active users on social media. These figures tell you that the target audience for your service or product is available on these social media channels. This is the reason why it is important to leverage these social platforms as a marketing tool.

If you are a social media beginner, read on to learn how to create a winning social media strategy

Build a good social media presence-

Decide which platforms to use:  As a beginner, you should choose at least two to three social media platforms and concentrate on those rather than trying to work on all the platforms. 

A good way to find out which platform is best suited to your niche is to find the influencers of the same niche and analyze where they have success.

Simply, find out the leaders in your niche and check out the number of Facebook fans, Twitter or Instagram followers etc. 

If they have more  Facebook fans but only 1000 Instagram followers then this is a good indication that Facebook is more suitable for your niche than Instagram. 

Optimize your profile-

All companies create profiles for their brands on social media to further their marketing efforts. There are so many businesses online that don’t optimize their profiles properly. An unoptimized social media profile fails to drive traffic and boost sales. Creating an informative and engaging social media profile is important. By doing so, you can drive your audience to your profile and turn them into loyal customers. 

Well designed content strategy

A well-designed and strong content strategy focus on how to provide value to your audience and customers. Focusing on customer success can increase both brand loyalty and customer retention.

Post high quality creatives/videos-

For most people, first impressions always last. If you are going to use photos or videos to represent your business, ensure two things, pictures should be related to your business’ niche, and make sure to post only high-quality photos/videos on your social media accounts.

Build follower community-

Community is about shared interests and meaningful connections. By crossing the bridge from followers to the community, brands can see a much deeper sense of loyalty from their followers on social platforms. It can help your brand to make customer-driven decisions and spread the word about your business.

Include hashtags to increase engagement-

When using strategically, hashtags can provide you with a ton of benefits. They can be used to raise awareness, target specific groups of people. It will also boost your SEO, and can get your content in front of a bigger audience. 

These super helpful tips will help your brand to reach, nurture and engage with your target audience. 


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