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History of Youtube Logo

In the beginning – Youtube Logo

YouTube is the world’s top video hosting service which was created by three former PayPal employees – Jawed Karim, Steven Shih Chen and Chad Meredith Hurley in 2005. It was started as a video dating app which was one of its kind at that time. 

Later, in 2006 Internet tech giant Google acquired YouTube.

We all know how important a Logo’s role is when it comes to branding, it makes your brand or service stand out in this ever-changing world. 

There is barely anyone who is not familiar with the logo of YouTube. Youtube Logo is one of the great and fine representations of creativity.

Youtube’s original logo was designed by co-founder Chad Meredith Hurley and featured a modified Alternate Gothic, a font created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1903.

He admitted that he took inspiration from Walt Disney while creating the logo. Perhaps that is the reason he managed to show the meaning of the youtube logo in a very creative way. The logo “Tube” represents the vacuum tube that was used in CRT televisions and monitors and the big red rectangle on which “Tube” is written symbolises the screen of a TV.

Youtube Logo History


The very first logo for YouTube introduced in 2005 advertised a logotype, split into two parts: the simple black “You” with the first letter capitalized, and the “Tube”, written one white and placed on a three-dimensional rounded rectangle which resembles the shape of tv or computer screen, which became the brand’s signifier, known all over the globe.


The original form of the Youtube logo was the same, but the main changes were done in the color palette. The glossy texture of the red rectangle changed to matte and a grey shadow appeared bottom of the word “Tube” reaching up to the middle. Logo showing power, progress and passion.


In 2013, the color palette was changed to lighter, the make the red part of the logo, flat and minimalist. In this version, the word “Tube” has no shadow and outline that make it plain and simple. The word “You” on the left has become jet black. The logo looks strong and more elegant.


In 2015, the color palette was changed again. This time the black tint was removed and the color of the rectangle changed to pure red without any tinting. The typeface of the logo remained untouched. Now the logo looked serious and more exquisite.


In 2017, a new concept of the YouTube logo was introduced and it is what we see today. The logotype capitalized “Y” and “T” using the same sans-serif typeface but is now written in black and placed on a white background on the right side of the red emblem. The new emblem used the same shape of a red rectangle but instead of a letter, a white triangle is used pointing to the right resembling the play button.


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